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One-stop Wholesale Fashion Jewellery


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Weight Reference of category

1.Earring around 5-20g, most weight is 10g

2.Necklace 8-30g depending on design difference

3.Headband 20-50g not heavy but large

4.Bags 500-2000g, they are heavy, If you buy a bag, I suggest you also buy some earrings. we can put earrings into bags to save shipping costs, because the shipping fee charged by the logistics company depends on the volume of the bag




Tips to save shipping costs

1.We are an online wholesale platform and shipping costs are charged separately for greater benefit to you, you just have to know how to optimize shipping according to your purchase volume.

2.Shipping is charged per kilo and parcels charge more for the first half kilo than subsequent ones, so if you increase your purchase the shipping will be more convenient. The most advisable thing is that if your purchase is less than 100 USD, you should focus on jewelry so that the package is as compact as possible.

3. Extra discount on shipping if your order exceeds the following weights, you will enjoy the following discounts.

4.If the products in your shopping cart have a special items label, it is recommended that you place orders separately, as special items products can only be shipped through special channels, which may also result in charges higher shipping costs.

5.In addition, we have many products from the "Free Shipping"area /freeshipping, available for the following 11 countries: United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Canada, Australia, France , England, Italy, Germany, Holland. You can make a purchase this way and really be convinced that importing directly from China with Nihao Jewelry.